Call Plans

Closed User Group (CUG)

If you have a larger circle of people to whom you frequently require to talk, then we offer you a service called Close User Group. Form a group and enjoy cheaper call rates compared to normal call rates all round the clock. Closed User Group is a service specially meant for organizations and companies. You need to form a group and the members within the group get to talk at cheaper rate compared to normal rates. So create a group of TashiCell subscribers and grab the opportunity. You can save your money by subscribing to CUG. All you have to do is, collect TashiCell number that you frequently call and submit your CUG list to us. We will activate your Closed User Group.

CUG Scheme

Sl. NoSubscriber LimitCharges Per UnitMonthly Subscription Fees
110 to 50Nu 0.35/unitNIL
251 to 200Nu 0.30/unitNIL
3201 to 500Nu 0.20/unitNil
4More than 500Nu 0.10/unitNIL