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Domestic call rates for prepaid subscribers

Call Category Standard Hours
(6AM - 6PM)
Peak Hours
(6PM - 12 Midnight)
Economy Hours
(12 Midnight - 6AM)
On-net(TashiCell to TashiCell) Nu. 0.40/unit 1st Min: Nu 0.50/unit
2nd Min: Nu. 0.45/unit
hereafter: Nu.0.40/unit
Nu. 0.10/unit
Offnet(TashiCell to BMobile) Nu. 0.40/unit Nu. 0.50/unit Nu. 0.40/unit
TashiCell to BTL (Fixed Line) Nu. 0.75/unit Nu. 0.75/unit Nu. 0.75/unit
*** 1 Unit =15 Seconds
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