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4G Wi-Fi Router

TashiCell 4G Wi-Fi Router is ideal for home, offices and small enterprise. It supports TashiCell 2G/3G/4G and can be connected to printer, computer, telephone and other devices. You can share high internet speed on up to 32 Wifi users and it is easily manageable through mobile App. If privacy is important for you then 4G Wi-Fi Router has the solution as it has VPN to set up your own private network.

4G Wi-Fi Router Price : NU. 6,499

Free Data Volume : 5GB (Valid for 30 days)

Free Data cannot be carried forward.

Following data plans are available with TashiCell 4G Wi-Fi Router:

S/N Name of the Plan Price (Nu.) Data Volume Validity
1 Office Daza 1,999 60,000MB 30 Days
2 Office Barma 2,499 80,000MB 30 Days
3 Office Chenpo 2,999 100,000MB 30 Days