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Now doing business has become easier with TashiCell’s Internet Leased line service. In today’s world where businesses need to deal with large amounts of information and interact with business partners instantaneously. Our Internet Leased line service ensures that your businesses are always connected to the world with reliable network. With TashiCells Internet Leased Line, You can get guaranteed bandwidth giving you quality and reliable connectivity. Be it video conferencing, accessing the internet and sharing information with business partners, your business will benefit from TashiCells Internet Leased line. We provides Internet Leased Line services for small and larger business house. The leased line customers will be provided with subscribed bandwidth with committed information rate (CIR) guaranteed until the upstream provider's port. Hence, no contention ratio will be applied on their subscribed bandwidth that will enable customer to have reliable and dependable connection at all times. We always strive to give reliable services to our clients and we are known for our reliable services and supports. At present, we have many clients availing our service with full of satisfaction. Some of the clients availing our internet leased line services are World Bank, ADB, MoIC, PHPA, DiTT and some schools under MoE.


To get a new connection you just need to fill up the Internet leased line application form and submit to the concern Regional Manager. ( You can down the application form from our web page or visit our Regional Office)

It will take minimum of 7 days to provide a new connection depending on feasibility study and the number of applications.

  • Related cost with Internet leased line connectivity are one time setup cost, equipment cost and monthly recurring cost for the bandwidth.
  • Equipment cost depends on the type of equipment used and feasibility study done by TICL and monthly rental depends on the bandwidth subscription.
  • A one time set up cost of Nu. 5,000 for normal ILL and Nu.3,500 for 4G ILL shall be non-refundable.

A customer typically needs to have router, switch or WiFi AP at the customer premises. For single customer or small scale business, TICL normally don’t provide internal (LAN) connectivity. TICL will just drop a line and connect to the router at the customer premises. All the internal at the customer premises shall be taken care by the customer.

A typical deployment network diagram is shown below:

TashiCell network deployment

An agreement needs to be signed between the client and TICL after the completion of the work. You can find the copy of agreement in the web.

A client shall be provided a minimum 3 days of test period during which client would report any problem faced in the provided circuit. If no problems are reported within 3 days then billing shall be initiated. Ones the billing is initiated customer are charged on the subscribed bandwidth.

  • A customer shall be sent a soft copy of internet leased line bill in their registered email address provided in the form.
  • A SMS shall also be sent to the customer’s registered mobile number provided in the form.
  • Apart from SMS and soft copy of bill customer can also check their bills and outstanding dues using their service number through MyTashiCell App.