SMSC Gateway

With TashiCell SMSC gateway you can send your business-related SMS to your customer according to your business prospect. Client can opt to push and pull SMS features that not only helps to disseminate information about your business but also get customer feedbacks or response. To connect to SMSC gate you need a computer that is connected to the mobile network. On this computer you need appropriate application, that will provide the SMSC functionality.

SMSC packages are as follows:

A: Push SMS service for Larger business Pricing

Slab Amount
Basic Slab: Less than 13,500 SMS in a month Nu. 4,000 per month
Slab 2: 13,501 to 50,000 SMS Nu. 0.25 per additional SMS
Slab 3: 50,001 to 100,000 SMS Nu. 0.20 per additional SMS
Slab 4: Greater than 100,000 SMS Nu. 0.10 per additional SMS


B: Push SMS service Through for small business enterprise

Slabs Fixed price SMS Count Additional SMS rate
Slab 1 1,000.00 3,000 0.3
Slab 2 2,000.00 6,000 0.3
Slab 3 3,000.00 9000 0.3



  • If customer selects Slab 1, they will get maximum of 3000 SMS in a month if they exceed 3000 SMS in a month the additional SMS rate shall be charged. For example: a customer in Slab 1 sends 5000 SMS in a month. The rate shall be calculated as follows (Nu 1000 for 3000 SMS + (2000 * 0.30)) = Nu. 1600.
  • Customer needs to select from the existing slabs (Slab 1, Slab 2, Slab 3) and will be charged as per the additional SMS rate if they exceed the upper limit of SMS count.
  • Fixed rental is applicable even if customers do not send SMS in a month.