TashiCell is pleased to announce the revision of data volume of the existing Student Plans and also introduction of three new student plans with effect from 1st March 2022.

The list of students’ TashiCell numbers provided by Ministry of Education can now subscribe to the following plans:

Student Plans (Prepaid & Postpaid)
Plan Name Rate (Nu) Existing Volume(MB) New Volume (MB) Validity
Student Weekly 47 877 1,097 7 Days
Student Daza 97 1,960 2,451 30 Days
Student Daza Plus 197 4,243 5,304 30 Days
Student Barma 297 6,397 8,316 30 Days
Student Barma Plus 497 11,928 14,910 30 Days
Student Chenpo 697 32,493 40,617 30 Days

If you have registered as a Student but your registered number is your parents' or guardians' & you wish to register with your own number, then you can update your number with Ministry of Education.

If you haven't registered yet as a Student, you can register with your school and the respective school shall proceed the registration with MoE and then with us.

If you are a University Student, you can subscribe to Student Plans as well by registering with your University and the respective University shall proceed the registration with us.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Only students’ TashiCell numbers provided by Ministry of Education can recharge/subscribe to these plans.
  2. If a normal subscriber recharges/subscribes the above plans, then the recharge will fail.
  3. The data volume of the above plans shall be usable only from 7AM to 5PM every day.
  4. If the above data plan volume is exhausted within 7AM - 5PM, you can subscribe to student plans, or else normal data plan (if subscribed) or pay per use rate shall be used.
  5. Only YouTube, Google Classroom, G Suite, Moodle, eLibrary (MoE), Zoom and BTrowa URLs will be allowed in this package.
  6. For prepaid subscribers, the plans can be recharged/subscribed from all channels: eTeeru, MyTashiCell app, E-Topup, and banking apps. If you have main balance, you can also call 7700 and they can subscribe the plan for you. For postpaid, you can subscribe from MyTashiCell app, by calling 7700 and visiting our nearest Customer Care Center
  7. The package will be valid for 30 days and unused data volume will be carried forward if subscriber recharges/subscribes the same plan. For postpaid subscribers, if you subscribe in the middle of month you will still be charged the full amount and the plan validity will be for 30 days.
  8. Validity booster plans shall not be applicable.

For further queries call 7700.