Bulk SMS

TashiCell provides a platform to promote and advertise your business through our bulk SMS service. With our bulk SMS service you can reach to the thousands of prospective customer for your business as it provides opportunity to expand your business.

Following point shall be kept in mind while framing the message.

  • Your message should be in 160 characters. Character includes full stop, space, question marks, alphabets and etc.
  • Your sender ID shall be in 10 characters.

Bulk SMS package are as follows:

Subscribers SMS Rate Total Remarks
Up to 1000 0.3 300.0 Flat/Minimum
Up to 100,000 0.150 15,000
Up to 200,000 0.125 25,000.00
Entire network 30,000.00 Flat

- The minimum basic slab charge of Nu. 300 shall apply for SMS up to 1000 SMS.
- For volumes higher than 1,000 SMS, corresponding slab rate shall be applicable. For example, If customer want to broadcast SMS to 150,000 subscribers then rate shall be Nu.21,400/- i.e. (1000 SMS * Nu.0.3)+ (99,000 SMS * Nu.0.150)+ (50,000 SMS * Nu.0.125)