Bulk SMS

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Bulk SMS is a service provided by TashiCell that allows sending message to large number of TashiCell subscribers. With our Bulk SMS Service, you can reach to thousands of prospective customers. Thus, it provides a platform for businesses to promote products, create awareness and keep customers informed.

Following point shall be kept in mind while framing the message.

  • The SMS content should be provided by the client.
  • The content should be framed within 160 characters. (160 characters are inclusive of alphabet, numerical values, space, punctuation marks and symbols)
  • The Sender ID of the SMS should be within 10 characters.
  • If the client has specific customer numbers to which the SMS is going to be sent, the numbers should be provided by the client.
  • Client should provide specific date and time for the SMS to be sent.

TashiCell offers the following Bulk SMS packages:

Subscribers SMS Rate Total Remarks
Up to 1000 Nu. 0.3 Nu. 300 Flat/Minimum
Up to 100,000 Nu. 0.150
200,000 and above Nu. 0.125
Entire network Nu. 30,000 Flat


  • The minimum basic slab charge of Nu. 300 shall apply for SMS up to 1000 SMS.
  • If the client wants to send SMS to all TashiCell subscribers, a charge of Nu. 30,000 shall apply.
  • For example: If a customer wants to send SMS to 5000 TashiCell subscribers, the rate shall be charged as:
    (1000 SMS*Nu.0.3) + (4000 SMS*Nu.0.150) = (300+600) = Nu. 900
  • The client should make an advance payment.


Bulk SMS is a onetime SMS sent to TashiCell subscribers. This service is relevant to those businesses who want to promote their product, services and offers to TashiCell subscribers.

SMSC gateway is a service whereby TashiCell network and client’s application is integrated so that  client can send SMS to their customers anytime. Learn More

No, the SMS can be sent to TashiCell subscribers only.