Toll Free

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With TashiCell’s toll free service you can enhance your customer support. Make your business easily accessible for your customer.

Toll free service rates are given follows. When it comes to Toll free, it has two pricing components: Short Code charges and Toll-free charges. A short code without toll free is Hotline. Hotline customer will be charged for the calls made to the hotline number. In tollfree service customer won’t be charged for the calls made to the toll-free number. To avail toll free we normally recommend to take short code.

Short code charges are as follows:

Short Code Type Monthly Charges
Platinum Nu. 10,000/- (Example: 7777, 1234, 4321, xxxx, yyyy, abcd)
Gold    Nu. 2000/- (Example: 1122, 1212, 2211, 7700, zzyy, yyzz, xyxy)
Standard Nu. 1000/-( Example 1350, 1905)

1. Backend Number is with TashiCell
  • 3000 per month (unlimited incoming calls from TashiCell subscribers)
  • Postpaid SIM- Nu 500

2. Back end number with BT
Particulars Minutes Rate Remarks
Basic Slab Up to 1500 Nu. 3000.00 per month Flat Rate
Slab 1 1501 to 3000 Nu. 3000 + Nu. 1.5 Per minute for 1500 to 3000 minutes  
Slab 2 Above 3000 Nu. 3000 + 2250 + Nu. 1 per minute for above 3000 minutes  

Toll free rental of Nu 3000 shall cover up to 1500 minutes any minutes exceeding from 1500 up to 3000 shall be charged at rate of Nu 1.5 per minute in addition to Nu.3000 and any minutes exceeding 3000 shall be charged at Nu 1 per minutes in addition to Nu.3000 + Nu. 2250.