• Prepaid Call & SMS Rates

Domestic Call Rates For Prepaid Subscribers

Call Category Standard Hours
(6AM - 6PM)
Peak Hours
(6PM - 12 Midnight)
Economy Hours
(12 Midnight - 6AM)
On-net(TashiCell to TashiCell) Nu. 0.40/unit 1st Min: Nu 0.50/unit
2nd Min: Nu. 0.45/unit
hereafter: Nu.0.40/unit
Nu. 0.10/unit
Offnet(TashiCell to BMobile) Nu. 0.40/unit Nu. 0.50/unit Nu. 0.40/unit
TashiCell to BTL (Fixed Line) Nu. 0.75/unit Nu. 0.75/unit Nu. 0.75/unit

*** 1 Unit =15 Seconds

Domestic SMS Rates For Prepaid & Postpaid

SMS Category Charge
Onnet SMS (TashiCell to TashiCell) Nu. 0.30 /SMS
Offnet SMS (TashiCell to BMobile) Nu. 0.30/SMS


Prepaid TalkMore is the perfect package for budget conscious people. We offer you a progressive discount. Depending upon the time( Standard Hours, Peak Hours and Economy Hours), if you talk for more than a minute during peak hour your call charges become lesser with every minute till the fourth minute and thereafter it will continue at one flat rate.