Tashi Tunes CRBT

Tired of that boring old fashioned ring tone ‘tring tring’ on your phone? Well now when a friend calls, you can make them groove to the hottest new tracks burning up the music charts with CRBT from TashiCell! You get a wide choice of songs in the Popular & New Arrivals categories that are updated regularly.

Subscribe for TashiCell CRBT service and EXPRESS YOURSELF!…

All you have to do is, register to our CRBT service and download your favorite tone code. You can download as many as 40 CRBTs to your library and set your CRBT randomly. Give it as a gift to your friends and family or whoever you wish to… just pay up Nu.1 per day fee and Nu.5 per song.

With effect from 1st March 2021 CRBT auto renewal has been implemented.
CRBT auto renewal terms and conditions:

  • CRBT tune will be auto renewed after the expiry of the subscribed tune. That is CRBT tune will be valid for only 90 days or 3 months after which if customer does not change or deactivate the tune it shall be renewed automatically.
  • Nu. 5 shall be charged for the auto renewal as renewal fee of CRBT tune.
  • Daily subscription charges shall remain same as Nu.1.
  • The default tune will be played to the customer if they do only registration.
  • The validity of CRBT Subscriber who has subscribed before 1st March 2021 will remain same (i.e 6 months). After this validity period is over, auto renewal shall happen and 90 days validity will be active for them thereafter.
  • If the user does not have enough balance to avail auto renewal, then system will have grace period of 5 days. At the end of the 5th day if the balance is not sufficient, the user will be moved to default tune.

Click here for CRBT portal

Music Box

Now you can also listen to different varieties of songs in single purchase by subscribing to Music Box. There will be five tones in each music box and all you have to do is to pick one based on genre, artist and hit songs of your choice. You just have to pay Nu. 15 and will have the option to set the group of tunes to be played as random or can set selective tones as CRBT.