TashiCell 5G, Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Benefits of using TashiCell 5G?
5G technology can support higher speed (10 times higher), lower delay/Low Latency, and greater network capacity compared to 4G. These superior capabilities will enable TashiCell to provide Wireless high-speed 5G broadband services, which is at par with fiber-based connectivity, to the residential and enterprise customers in addition to enhancing the experience of the Mobile Broadband (eMBB) on the smartphones used by the individual customers. As the 5G ecosystem matures, 5G will support various applications in different industries like agriculture, health, tourism & hospitality, transportation, energy and manufacturing.

2. Which places are covered by TashiCell 5G services?
TashiCell 5G services are currently available in the Thromdes and Dzongkhag Headquarters of all Dzongkhags except Lhuentse and Gasa.

3. What services/plans are available for TashiCell 5G subscribers?
TashiCell 5G is available at N78 band. The following 5G services are available:

a. 5G mobile data (eMBB) The existing 2G/3G/4G mobile users can experience 5G enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) by subscribing to any data plan above Nu. 99 provided your handset supports N78 band and your SIM is subscribed to TashiCell 5G.

b. 5G broadband Customers who prefer unlimited speed can subscribe to TashiCell 5G broadband with easy to use 5G router with integrated Wi-Fi. Customers can subscribe to either prepaid or postpaid plans. For prepaid, 12,540 shall be charged as initial set up which includes CPE. For postpaid, CPE shall be provided for free and the ownership remains with TashiCell. Initial set up cost for postpaid is Nu.5,000. The customers have option to select from various broadband plans starting from Nu.1477 with data volume of 103,000MB upto Nu.4777 plan with data volume of 400,000MB.

4. What are the Phones that supports TashiCell 5G?
Following phone models support TashiCell 5G as of now: Samsung Galaxy A52s, Huawei P40 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11x & Vivo V21. However mid-range Samsung phone models like F42 & M32 will support TashiCell 5G at a later date once Samsung releases the software patch for these models. We are working with Samsung and we expect Samsung to release the software patch soon.

5. Why TashiCell 5G do not work in iPhone and some 5G phones?
For 5G to work, most phone manufacturer puts restriction in their devices mainly for quality monitoring purpose. To use 5G in those devices the manufacturer has to test and verify with Telecom operators and release the software patch.  Telecom companies do not have any control over that.
iPhone will only work when the software patch is released from apple but from TashiCell we have not restricted any phone models. We hope the software patch will be released soon.

6. Do 5G work if your phone is in power saving mode?
5G will not work in power saving mode. Power saving mode will disable 5G network in order to save battery power.

7. Why do 5G network fallback to 4G network when it’s in idle mode?
There are two reasons why 5G network fallback to 4G:

a. The most common case of fallback is when the 5G user remain idle for more than 10 seconds. In this case the network will fall back to 4G mainly for power saving and prevents the battery from draining out quickly. However, once the user starts using data, the network will switch to 5G.

b. Finally, in order to receive calls when the user is on 5G, the network will fall back to 2G/3G/4G.

For clarification:
Call 7700 (24/7 support)
WhatsApp: 77755510