Leadership & Management

Board Of Directors

TashiCell is governed by the board comprising of a chairman, three non-executive directors, and one executive director. The chairman’s position is currently held by one of the vice chairmen of Tashi Group of Companies. The other vice chairman of the group serves as the non-executive director. The Managing Director of one of the companies under the group and the Director of National Pension and Provident Fund of Bhutan are the other two non-executive directors. The executive director position within the board is held by the Managing Director of TashiCell.

Management Committee

The Management of Tashi InfoComm Limited, also known as the TICL Management Committee comprises of eight members- the Managing Director and the heads of seven departments. The committee meets every week to make both strategic and operational decisions and to decide on the current and future course of actions. In addition to the Management Committee, the company also has a Working Tender Committee which makes decisions related to procurement. This committee is made up of ten members- the Managing Director, heads of seven departments, Head of Procurement and Inventory Section and the Head of Civil Works Section.