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Working Environment

To the extent possible, TashiCell maintains an egalitarian working environment by moving away from the conventional Bhutanese society characterized by hierarchical culture. This environment is achieved by having minimum layers of reporting in the organization. There are a maximum of three reporting levels between the head of the organization and the employees on the lowest level. Egalitarian working culture is also made possible by virtue of having young employees in the company. The average age of TashiCell's employees is twenty nine. The design of the office layout also bears a positive influence on the working culture. Seating arrangements are in the form of open cubicles and glass-partitioned rooms. Such design encourage and facilitate easy interaction amongst employees.

Every employee has equal and uninterrupted access to any official, information and facility that ensures prompt action and better performance. New ideas and innovations are always encouraged and are given adequate support and guidance to help materialize them. Employee interactions, bonding and team building are also enhanced through the celebration of company's anniversary on 6th of April, annual outdoor picnic during autumn season, annual Futsal tournament and numerous informal dinners.

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