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4G Wi-Fi Router

TashiCell 4G Wi-Fi Router is ideal for home, offices and small enterprise. It supports TashiCell 2G/3G/4G and can be connected to printer, computer, telephone and other devices. You can share high internet speed on up to 32 Wifi users and it is easily manageable through mobile App. If privacy is important for you then 4G Wi-Fi Router has the solution as it has VPN to set up your own private network.

4G Wi-Fi Router Price : NU. 3,000/-

All data plans available for TashiCell prepaid and postpaid users are now available for TashiCell 4G Wi-Fi router users as well.

4G Wi-Fi Router Contract Package

Under this package, following are the terms and conditions:

  • Customer needs to fill up separate "Registration form for 4G Wi-Fi Router CONTRACT PACKAGE".
  • 4G W-Fi router device is for free.
  • One free postpaid SIM with data only with separate primary offering (WiFi CPE LTE package) shall be provided. ( Customer needs to fill up SIM registration form and need to have a guarantor)
  • This package is applicable to only postpaid subscribers.
  • Customer shall be subscribed to this plan for minimum of 1 year.
  • Customer shall be fixed to minimum of 999 plan as default and shall not be able to unsubscribe the package.
  • The device shall be under warranty during the subscription period, however in case of replacement the subscription period shall be extended by one year from the day of replacement.
  • Customer can change or upgrade to other applicable plans only through TashiCell contact center and customer care center.
  • If the customer defaults then device shall be returned to TashiCell and all the outstanding bills and dues shall be cleared.
  • If the device is physically damaged then customer shall pay Nu 3000 for the device and buy.
  • Customer under this package won’t be able to access other data plans. Customer shall be able to access only following data plans as shown in the table below: 

Plans for Contract 4G Wi-Fi router package with Minimum Subscription period of 1 year
Plan Price (Nu) Data Volume (In MB) Rate for additional usage (per KB) Validity Remarks
Home Daza 999  25,000.00 Nu. 0.0001 1 month Allowed for CPE postpaid plan with Minimum Subscription period of 1 year
Home Chenpo 1,499  40,000.00 Nu. 0.0001 1 month
Office Daza 1,999  60,000.00 Nu. 0.0001 1 month
Office Barma 2,499  80,000.00 Nu. 0.0001 1 month
Office Chenpo 2,999 100,000.00 Nu. 0.0001 1 month

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