Benefits Of Using eTeeru

eTeeru is an effort towards fulfilling His Majesty’s vision of digital Bhutan and accelerate RMA’s financial inclusion agenda for Bhutan. eTeeru is a digital payments platform that allows you to transfer cash into the integrated wallet via online banking or even by depositing cash via authorized agents. Like your traditional wallet, eTeeru stores money for you to pay at groceries, restaurants, pharmacies and even taxis without using cash. You can recharge as well as pay postpaid and Internet lease line bill. eTeeru is based on encrypted software that works through mobile apps and help combat theft and fraud. It maintains an accurate check of your money and keeps it safe to make payments and purchases in future, and for those interested in using eTeeru for remittance, it can receive money from other eTeeru users too.

There are many benefits of using eTeeru as a service:

  1. Easy Accessibility: To get started, it is as simple as downloading the app, registering with your mobile number, and creating a user ID & password
  2. Reduce Frauds: eTeeru just like other mobile wallets put up a guard against fraudulent activity because banking information details will be much harder to access. Financial information stored on eTeeru are encrypted which essentially makes information indecipherable to a fraudster. Your full bank information is not displayed anywhere in eTeeru and communication between merchant and customers happen with mobile number as identification factor. This means, prying eyes will not be able to capture your savings account information.
  3. Simple to Add Money: You can Add Money from any banks without having to log out of the app and toggle between different banking apps. Even if you have no bank account, you can Add Money to your eTeeru wallet from our registered eTeeruagents.
  4. Quick Fund Transfer to registered & non-registered users: eTeeru makes sending and receiving money quick and easy. You can send money to registered eTeeru users with a simple click of a ‘Send’ button in your app. You can also send money to your family or friends who aren’t registered eTeeru users but need cash and are far from any near bank/atm and they can withdraw it as cash from our nearest Customer Care Center or registered agents (certain transfer fee shall be levied on the sender but the receiver shall be get the full amount while cashing out)
  5. Reward & Incentives: Save while you spend with eTeeru. eTeeru has its own reward program, incentives, loyalty program, referral bonus, cashback offers, and gifts. These are all money saving avenues only exclusive to eTeeru.
  6. Secure your Saving account with eTeeru: Your saving account has your lifetime’s worth of your blood and sweat. All that can be wiped out in one instant because of you using your bank information in an unsecure payment portal or sharing your account number with others who owe you money. Instead use an account for your monthly expense and transfer that equivalent amount in your eTeeru wallet and use it for daily transactions like shopping, fueling, paying utility bills, etc. Give your eTeeru registered numbers to people who owe you money and let them transfer in it and if you cashout to your own bank (yes! There’s a nominal convenience fee of 2% but that safeguards your lifesavings – sort of like insurance?) Let that money in your savings sit safe and acquire interest!
  7. Be part of the payment future: With 98% of the millennials having a smartphone and managing their money using their phones, by 2023 it’s estimated that there will be 1.31 billion mobile payment transaction users worldwide, up from 950 million users in 2019. So, you can be part of the future of payment by switching to eTeeru.