Nu. 50 eTeeru Welcome Bonus

Make Up for the Missed Opportunity if you still haven’t downloaded and registered to eTeeru!

Get Nu. 50 Welcome Bonus directly into your cashback wallet upon successful eTeeru registration. No cash in required.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The Nu. 50 Welcome Bonus is applicable only to new eTeeru users registering via eTeeru user app or eTeeru website ( ) or eTeeru agents till next 6400 customers is reached.
  2. Nu. 50 Welcome Bonus will be credited into your Cashback Wallet and the amount in Cashback Wallet can be used to recharge and pay TashiCell internet leased line and postpaid bills.
  3. No Cash In is required and the Welcome Bonus of Nu. 50 will be credited into your Cashback Wallet upon successful registration.
  4. The offer is valid till 31st December 2020 and/or for the next 6,400 registrations and shall be stopped at the 6,400th registration even if it’s not 31st December 2020.

View Video to Learn How to Register eTeeru:

View Video to Learn How to Cash In:

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