Bill Download Feature for Postpaid Users from MyTashiCell Web

We now have a ‘Bill Download Feature’ in MyTashiCell Web for our postpaid service users. This feature shall make viewing your current postpaid bill and retrieving your past postpaid bills easier. Note: Past postpaid bills from August onward are available.

Steps to Download your Postpaid Bill:
  1. Go to MyTashiCell Web
  2. If you’re a registered user of MyTashiCell App, Sign in with your MyTashiCell App Log in credentials
  3. If you’re not a registered user of MyTashiCell App, click Register & then log in after you have successfully registered
  4. Once you Log, scroll Down & Click on ‘View/Download Bill’
  5. A new page will appear where you can select month and click the button “GET BILL”.
  6. Your bill will be generated and a link with your bill will appear.
  7. Click on the link to open your bill for viewing and/or download.
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