TashiCell Thrue Giveaway

TashiCell will be giving away a Samsung Z Fold 3 worth Nu.145,990/- and 6 Samsung Galaxy F62, each worth Nu. 16,200/- to 7 lucky winners for Blessed Rainy Day 2022.

You are automatically eligible for the lucky draw and stand a chance to WIN if:

  1. You have recharged any TashiCell number at least once from 19th to 28th September 2022 (prepaid only)
  2. All recharge from paper voucher, eTeeru, MyTashiCell app or any banking apps is accounted for.
  3. The SEVEN LUCKY WINNERS will be announced LIVE on 29th September 2022 on TashiCell Facebook page.
  4. Prizes will be issued to SIM user in case winner(s) has not performed Transfer ownership.
  5. SMS will be sent to the Winners on day of winner announcement which they will have to disclose while visiting TashiCell counter for claiming their prizes.

Note: TashiCell reserves the right to choose winners in ways adopted by TashiCell. TashiCell reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions, end the offer, or call back any of its offer without prior notice.

For more info call our 24/7 support center 7700