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Tashi InfoComm Limited
Norzin Lam, Lungtenzampa BOD Complex
Thimphu, Bhutan

Phone: +975-77889977

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TashiCell post-paid Service?
What features are Available in post-paid Service?
What is Pay per Use Data Rate for Post-Paid Service?
What are the Data Plan for Post-Paid Service?
Do I have to pay rental for my post-paid Service?
Can I Make international Calls using Post-paid service?
Can I avail International Roaming facility from post-paid service?
When is my SIM Suspended?
When is my SIM barred?
What happens if my SIM card is suspended?
What happens if my SIM is barred?
What do I need to do if my SIM card is suspended?
What do I need to do if my SIM card is in barring status?
What happens if I don't make payment before due date on my bill?
What happens if I don’t make payment for 4 invoice?
What is the price of TashiCell Post-Paid SIM?
What are the offers with Postpaid Service?
What can I do if I lose my SIM Card?
How would I receive by monthly postpaid bill?
What should I do if I don't receive my postpaid bill in my email?
Terms & Conditions of SIM Registration
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