Introduction Of Data Plan Validity Booster

Posted on Feb 01, 2020.

Dear valued customers,

TashiCell is pleased to introduce validity booster plan w.e.f. 13th May 2019. Customers can extend the validity of data plans and carry forward the balance data volume by subscribing to any of the following validity booster plans:

Validity Booster Plans Additional Validity (No. of Days) Charges (Nu.)
7 days validity booster 7 14
15 days validity booster 15 30
30 days validity booster 30 60

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The above validity booster plans are applicable for Daza Plan @ Nu.99 and above only. Activation of validity booster plans will be denied to customers who are not subscribed to any data plans and to data plan subscribers whose data is exhausted before the expiry of actual validity.
  2. If customers are subscribed to multiple plans with valid data at the time of activating validity booster plans, then the customers will be provided with an option to select one of the plans to boost the validity.
  3. The validity booster will be activated using the main account balance only. The validity booster plans can be enabled or activated from MyTashiCell App (Latest version), TashiCell website (, Contact Center (7700) and Customer Care Centers.
  4. The validity booster plans are applicable to TashiCell prepaid users only and has to fulfill condition no. 1-3 above for successful activation.

If you have enough data balance and your validity is about to expire, you can subscribe to same data plan and carry forward your balance data to your recent plan or activate the validity booster plan.

For example: If you are subscribed to Chenpo plus plan @ Nu. 1,299 you get 30,000MB with one-month validity from the day of your subscription. However, at the end or towards the end of 30 days (before the expiry of 30 days validity) if you still have data balance say about 10,000 MB, instead of letting it get lapsed/nullified on the expiry of validity period, you can subscribe to same plan just before its expiry date, Chenpo Plus @ Nu. 1,299 and get 30,000MB + 10,000MB carried forward in this plan.

Otherwise, without subscribing to same plan, you can also increase the validity period of your data balance by 7 Days @ Nu. 14, 15 days @ Nu. 30 and 30 days @ Nu. 60 from following Channels only:

1. MyTashiCell app on your mobile phone:
    Step # 1: Log in (Existing users)
    Step # 2: Click Data Plan Details
    Step # 3: Click Extend button in red box
    Step # 4: Select the number of days you want to extend your validity
    Step # 5: Click "Confirm" and you receive operation successful note.

* Note: For new users, type "Reg" and send SMS to 8787 to register and then follow the steps above

2. Website (
    Step # 1: Visit our website at
    Step # 2: Click MyTashiCell icon on the left side of home page, second button below our logo.
    Step # 3: Login and Go to “Subscribed Data Plan” and see the details about your data plan.
    Step # 4: Click “Extend” in green box and get a popup message to choose the validity booster plan.
    Step # 5: Click “Confirm” upon choosing the validity booster plan.

3. Validity booster plans can be activated from our Customer Care Centers and contact center. Just walk-in to our offices or dial 7700, our operators will activate it for you.